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birth & fresh 48

Birth & Fresh 48 sessions! This right here is the most amazing experience ever. You mamas are TOUGH! I'm so honored to be part of this incredible time for you and your family. Whether you're having your first child, or your tenth, each and every one is special. If you haven't had an opportunity to have that moment captured, I highly recommend it. These are precious memories and though you may feel like total crap, you will appreciate having images to cherish later. I'd love to work with you to do that and catch every tiny detail.


This is best when paired with a maternity session!

How does birth & fresh 48 photography work?

Well, it's just as complicated as it sounds. Basically, I'm on call 24/7. We can designate someone to contact me when the time comes. I'll come to see you wherever, whenever.

Why does it cost so much?

It's a big commitment for me as a photographer. This is a whenever, wherever, rain or shine, and we don't know how long it will take. It could mean I'm with you for 2 hours or 20 hours. When you're being induced, it's much easier to tell when things will be moving along and it can be more of a structured and scheduled session. For the mamas that let everything happen naturally, it tends to go a bit slower.

My first 5 clients to book their Birth & Fresh 48 will receive 40% off the package price!

Check out this video from my first Birth & Fresh 48 session!

"I never thought I would want something like this, but it's going to be cherished forever. Brittany was very professional and kept things modest for me." - Christi