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Engagement sessions are always so much fun! You are fresh in wedding planning mode and you just adore each other. The love that is shared is evident in the way a couple looks at each other, thinking about all they've been through and their upcoming wedding. It's so rewarding to witness that.

When should I take my engagement portraits?

Great question! I'm not sure there is a specific timeline you MUST follow, but I would recommend taking them shortly after you get engaged. This gives time between what you look like as a couple at that time versus what you look like, maybe a year from now, when you're getting married. You'll have those pictures to show that.

What should I bring?

Bring yourself and your fiancé, of course! I would recommend bringing a few makeup items for touch-ups as we go. A bottle of water is never a bad idea, especially on hot days. Props (and pets!) are always welcomed! Bring things that mean the most to you and let's make your photos super personalized to express you as a couple. If you do bring a pet, bring a friend or family member along so we can shoot some images without your pet, too.

Do I have to use the same photographer for my engagement and wedding?

Not necessarily. It is generally included in most wedding packages and it is recommended so the couple and the photographer can learn about each other, find what works, and feel more comfortable so you're all ready for the big wedding day with a bit less stress on everyone.