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Ok, I know it says seniors, but really any singles portrait works here. Senior sessions are so fun! I love working with people to showcase their time in high school or college through props and their style of clothing. Bring some sports equipment to your session! Bring your band instrument! Heck, bring your prom dress if you want!

I've also done styled shoots with vendors in the area, like Lula Roe, to showcase their inventory as well as advertise for our lovely hair and make up artists that I've had the pleasure of working with! I love collaborating with other creative people to help benefit all of us at the same time! I've met some #BOSSBABES along the way. If you're interested in working together for a styled shoot, please reach out to me!

Are there limitations to the props I can bring?

If you can fit it in your car, you can bring it with you! If it IS your car, then that works, too! These portraits are to show off YOU. The only way to do that is to completely be yourself. Your body language, expressions, props, all of it. I want to make sure that when you look back on these 10 years from now, you'll feel nostalgic and remember what life was like at this time.

How many different outfits can I wear?

Typically, 2-3 is a good number for the amount of time we have. We can always discuss the option for more, but that means less time for photos, or more time total. This should be discussed even for just one change of clothes so we can make sure there is somewhere for you to have privacy to do so.

When should I take my senior portraits?

I generally recommend scheduling your session for late summer/early fall. By doing them early, you can order prints and get them back to turn in for the yearbook. If you aren't concerned with the yearbook images, then any time of year would be fine. Some opt to wait until they have their cap and gown toward the end of the school year to include that as one of their "outfit changes." We can always discuss what you want out of our time together and figure out a date that works best.